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10 Email Security Risks in 2020

Anti-phishing solution: Use our threat simulation and conduct an email security gap analysis. Due to growing number of need for online communication, email remains top security concern or for some a weakness in 2020. When it comes to email security, classic measures like the latest antivirus software will never block [...]

Email Security 7 Biggest Threats

Email Security: 7 Biggest Threats

Email security is one of the most important step that you should stop attackers to compromise your company! For effective email security protection, companies must be aware of the 7 biggest threats to avoid cyber attacks. In order to avoid these threats, and guarantee email security, learn these 7 threats: [...]

Keepnet labs Phishing Reporter

Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter

Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter enables your employees to report a suspicious email a simple click,thus your SOC team or IT leaders will instantly aware of phishing activity and can start to an incident investigation. 1- Why Phishing Reporter? Awareness training programs are not enough to prevent your users clicking on suspicious [...]