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Email Security

Emails are Still the Weakest Link in Security Chain

According to F-Secure, over one-third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees. Emails are still the weakest link in security chain.  An email has shifted to an essential part of daily life that many businesses rely on email services now as a central [...]


Phishing reporter

Phishing Reporter Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter turns everyone in the company into active agents about cyber security.It is easy with a simple click to report a phishing activity and canstart to investigate it. About the Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter It is an add-in for Outlook (available for both Windows and [...]

No Phishing

Don’t take the bait!

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal confidential information or money. Cybercriminals can use social engineering tactics such as spear phishing by installing malicious software on your computer by stealing personal information.  They manipulate you to install malicious software or give your credentials under false [...]

Phishing attack prevention

Free solutions for phishing prevention

Phishing attack prevention Use Keepnet Labs anti-phishing solutions for free to avoid all kinds of social engineering attacks including spear phishing. What is Phishing? Phishing is a technique that involves manipulating users to submit their credentials such as passwords, etc., into a fake website. Cyber criminal have mostly used emails to launch [...]


Phishing incident response

Incident response is an approach to addressing and managing the effects of a security breach or cyberattack.  The purpose of incident response  is to control consequence of the situation after cyber attack in a way that limits violation and deterioration, plus decrease revival time and price. The incident response activities [...]

gdpr awareness

GDPR awareness

Keepnet Labs offers GDPR awareness, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requisite, that organizations have to keep privacy of collecting or processing the data of individuals in the European Union. In compliance GDPR programme, the ‘people’ factor is often overlooked. Staff awareness should be a major concern for organisations looking to comply [...]

Email Threat Simulator

Email threat simulation

Keepnet Email threat simulation is an excellent opportunity for testing cybersecurity posture.   It examines your border protection systems with next-generation phishing and exploitation techniques and lets you harden your security configurations, such as Firewall, AntiSpam, Anti-Virus, and Security Information & Event Management. 95% of successful attacks on corporations are based on phishing e-mails. [...]


Keepnet phishing simulator is an excellent tool for fighting against phishing attacks

Keepnet Phishing Simulation is an excellent part of  security awareness training program, especially fighting against phishing attacks. It is easy to deliver simulated phishing emails and customizable phishing templates to test  employees. It is possible to administer pre configured or customized phishing attack templates. Keepnet Labs phishing reporting option [...]