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2020 EmaIl SecurIty Trends and Challenges

2020 Email Security Trends and Challenges Organisations Need to Know

Email security or email protection is a sort of method to manage to secure email communication and accounts, and keep information safe within email against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. (See our article,  10 Email Security Risks in 2020). Email is the main means that often used by cybercriminals to [...]

Phishing security test tool

Badge Surfer Attack – Physical Security – SAUDI ARAMCO BREACH

Badge Surfer Attack – Phishing security test  tool – HOW IT REALLY HAPPENED: NINJIO SEASON 2, EPISODE 1, SAUDI ARAMCO BREACH In our 1st Episode of Season 2, one of the world’s largest oil producers has roughly 35,000 of its computers shut down in a matter of hours due to [...]

Transforming employees into cybersecurity-aware agents

[Webinar] Transforming Employees into Cybersecurity-Aware Agents

According to researchers, 95% of successful attacks on corporations are based on phishing emails! Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021″ Join in our Webinar “Transforming employees into cybersecurity-aware agents”. Representatives from Keepnet Labs and Barikat Cyber Security Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions Subsidiary will discuss the following topics: Threat landscape How [...]