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4 Simple actions for ransomware attacks

Ransomware evolves attacking small, medium and large businesses. They are big problem for both companies and individuals. We can see examples of these attacks in news agencies every passing day. However, when attacks take place, what kind of actions should victims take? In this short article, we will talk about 4 simple actions to take during ransomware attacks.

In case of an assault, if you use cloud backup software, you can acquire your files back quickly without paying any ransom. Make sure that your files secured with cloud backup software. Best insurances against ransom damages are cloud softwares.


If you are a cloud backup user and attacked by ransomware, you need to take 5 simple steps to retrieve files:

  1. If you notice your computer, file server or network faced with a ransomware damage, close all file sharing activity immediately.
  1. Evaluate virus and the extent of damage it has performed. If necessary, find your encrypted digital files with your computer’s antivirus software.
  2. Clean all infected files.
  1. Recover clean versions of infected files by logging into cloud backup system.

Best Action for Ransomware attacks: Create Awareness

Actions above are solutions when attack takes place. Best action to prevent ransomware early is to create awareness for people. Since human factor is weakest link against cyber threats, it would be more well-balanced, and rational, you start with human element and train before attacks come .


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