These easy-to-read Tip Sheets enhance your knowledge of cybersecurity essentials.
Keepnet Labs’ Tip Sheets are an easy, hands-on way to learn about how employees can detect a phishing attack and take measures to prevent data breaches. On a single sheet of paper, we outlined how an employee should react to a specific topic.

Tip Sheets include such topics such as: ransomware, physical security, online security, phishing, email security, wireless security, online transactions, security for children, security for elderly, fighting against online crime, being a good online citizen, cyber safety rules, travelling security, etc.

Our sheets comprise around 5-12 tips on a particular cybersecurity topic and are generally one page in length.

Below is a collection of tip sheets we offer to you as a resource to help sharpen your cybersecurity awareness skills. If you have questions, please call or email us.