Anti phishing solutions

Anti-phishing solutions

Anti-phishing solutions

Cybersecurity issues are certainly a problem for many institutions. However, this represents an opportunity for cybersecurity companies. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity has become a critical part of owning and operating a business – especially one that operates online. It is in the best interests of Keepnet Labs Anti-phishing solutions to get a head start on its marketing efforts now so that it can benefit from the boom in cybersecurity awareness expected over the next several years.

Whether it can be attributed to the rise of interconnected devices in the IoT revolution or just the growing instances of cybercrime, the cybersecurity industry has seen immense growth in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. The worldwide spending on cybersecurity products should come as no surprise given that the average annual cost of cyberattacks worldwide is about $9.5 million, according to Ponemon Institute.

The damage to companies in terms of consumer confidence, public image, and legal trouble from such incidents can be considerable, but nowhere are the effects of cybercrime more dangerous than in finance, where highly sensitive information, large sums of money, and people’s livelihoods can be jeopardized. The attack on JPMorgan Chase in 2014 , for example, that resulted in the theft of 76 million account holders’ data was a huge black eye for the bank. However, this threats have presented a promising opportunity for vendors who can educate and help firms implement cybersecurity defensive measures, to prevent intrusion  manage user roles and policies in cyber security with affordable prices.

Anti phishing solutions


While technical upgrades are important for cyber security, minimizing human error is even more crucial. Mistakes by network administrators and users—failures to patch vulnerabilities in legacy systems, misconfigured settings, violations of standard procedures—open the door to the overwhelming majority of successful attacks. Moreover, One of the most intriguing findings from IBM’s “2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index” is that 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error. Many of these are successful security attacks from external attackers who prey on human weakness in order to lure insiders within organizations to unwittingly provide them with access to sensitive information. This also gives opportunity to Keepnet Labs which primarily focuses on human factor as a security awareness firm among other different security solution companies,  considering the fact that security awareness training for employees is the most under spent sector of the cybersecurity industry.

Our Solution

The weakest chain in cyber security is the human being. Most of the attacks we see in the field right now are targeting uninformed people. Human error is the leading cause of data and security breaches. Socially engineered threats circumvent many cyber security systems by preying on human error. Social engineers use psychological manipulation to push users into performing an action or providing information. In the case of email attacks like phishing, this often involves clicking on an embedded link, downloading malware like ransomware or offering passwords and financial authorization. Therefore, Keepnet Labs Anti phishing solutions is that if the employees to be wary online, they will be less likely to fall prey to various forms of cyber-attacks. It creates awareness among employees with various training modules to develop essential competencies, new techniques and methods that are so essential in facing possible security issues. Keepnet Labs can provide some level of maturity in incident response and help protect corporate resources. Awareness Educator provide a great way to educate personnel and keep the company’s IT security policy fresh in their minds. The idea behind a campaign is to motivate people to take information security seriously and respond accordingly.

Anti phishing solutions

Besides human factor, Keepnet Labs Anti phishing solutions also focuses on process and technology. With process component, Keepnet Labs periodically test companies against the new generation of threats, based on organization’s cultural background, technical infrastructure and the risks. By measuring results, it illustrates the root causes of problems, the efficiency of investments, and the ability to resist potential risks.  As the last phenomenon of three holistics approach, Keepnet Labs Anti phishing solutions uses technology to prevent leaks. It provides institutions to test regularly Antispam, Antivirus, Content Filtering, DLP, Zero Day protection.

Figure 1. Keepnet Labs has adopted People, Process and Technology approaches

Figure 1. Keepnet Labs has adopted People, Process and Technology approaches

Keepnet Labs has 5 platform modules working ‘hand-in-glove’ to provide a market-leading, holistic solution. The modules are Phishing Simulator, Awareness Educator, Email Threat Simulator, Threat Intelligence, Incident Responder.

Phishing Simulator:

  • Simulates phishing attacks in a benign environment.
  • Tracks user responses and reports
  • Quantify vulnerability
  • Facilitate proactive response
  • It has customisable, scheduled and self service

Awareness Educator:

  • On-demand Cyber-security awareness training
  • Automated in response to a failed Phishing Simulation
  • Comprehensive training content covering all current threat
  • types and learning styles
  • Serious gaming integration
  • Granular reporting for total visibility

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Email Threat Simulator:

  • Regularly tests your technological investments (such as firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus), using simulation logic to mimic the attack vectors targeting organisations like yours through your email services.
  • Techniques include email harvesting, domain squatting, vulnerability scanner, client side attacks, malicious attachments, ransomware samples, misconfiguration, browser exploits and file format exploits.

One click enough to start threat simulation

No installation, no configuration or permission needed!

Threat Intelligence:

  • Scans the web searching for signals and data that may represent a breach of your data security and therefore a threat to your business.
  • The constant vigilance afforded to you by the Threat Intelligence module shortens the time between potential data breach and defensive response.

Incident Responder.

  • Incident Responder module allows user to report suspicious emails with one click via our Outlook add-in,
  • Sends the email content to our suspicious email analyser for header, body and attachment analysis.
  • Creates a variety of attack signatures for alarm generation or blocking active security devices.
  • Integrated 3rd party service licenses – Virustotal, Zemana Anti-Malware, Trapmine and Roksit DNS Firewall
  • Automated incident investigation on client inbox & active response

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We have developed this system which automates and reports social engineering attacks via e-mail in the context of penetration testing and cybersecurity awareness measurement to save on qualified human strength. We saved 240 man / days in the first year. In the light of the researches, results have enabled us to release this platform as a product, and we measure it with real customer experience that we reduce these risks practically.

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