artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We develop and utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing for phishing and malicious attachments that spread via email. Cybercriminals typically use attack methods such as social engineering rather than complicated hacking tools.

Keepnet Labs’ AI helps identify and detect phishing attacks and other malicious attachments early for increased data protection. Further, AI for data analysis is important for combating phishing when compared to classic anti-phishing approaches.

We use AI to detect domain names that imitate domain names of the branding of an organisation.

If you analyse a website with a logo of the bank you trust, you don’t suspect anything at all. However, a quick glance at the address can indicate that this is a phishing website. Keepnet Labs identifies descriptive features used as indicators for a website to be either phishing or legitimate, such as URL structure, website body, etc.

We use AI to develop a personalised training flow. With phishing simulation, training, suspicious email reporting and threat intelligence values, we recommend specialised awareness content.