Cyber-security Awareness

anti-phishing solutions

Rethinking Anti-phishing Solutions

Today the traditional anti-phishing solutions are not sufficient to shield organisations against new generation cyber crimes,  because cyber attacks are evolving into the inconspicuous armaments to undertake the target. Therefore, taking proactive measures are much more important than taking reactive ones.  Additionally, more and more businesses operate in digital to [...]

no phishing Keep Your Children Safe in Online Video Games

Keep the Children Safe in Online Video Games

It is normal for children to play video games with the people they don’t know. However, the growth of the gaming industry and cybercriminals’ interest on these platforms bring security problems. So, keeping the children safe in online video games has become a problem. no phishing According to Data Breach Industry [...]

Phishing Protection

How to protect yourself from phishing

Phishing protection: Phishing attacks have been a widespread problem, posing a huge risk to individuals and institutions. According to Garner, According to Gartner, phishing emails will continue to be the primary method used by advanced attacks. What is a phishing attack? it’s an attack vector that cybercriminals use it [...]


Cryptojacking arises

One of the latest cybersecurity threat,  cryptojacking, is the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency.[1] It is becoming more prevalent that cryptojacking attacks exploded by 8,500% in 2017, due to the sudden increase in cryptocurrency values. According to Symantec, UK ranked as the fifth highest country [...]

Phishing awareness

Phishing awareness: 5 tips to help you understand phishing emails

Phishing awareness: Use Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator for free to avoid social engineering schemes. What is phishing? Phishing is an endeavour that aim at manipulating you into thinking a legitimate organization is demanding information from you. These demands can seem safe on the surface or may seem to come from a [...]

Macro Analysis

Test your email security protection mechanism

As new technologies grow, businesses across multiple sectors are facing to rapidly evolving cyber-threats. Therefore, it is important to make a macro analysis to see cybersecurity measures in place for protecting business data,  money as well as customers against cyber attacks.  These precautions specifically determined to prevent threats coming from [...]

Email Security

Emails are still the weakest link in security chain

According to F-Secure, over one-third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees. Emails are still the weakest link in security chain Type of Attacks The single most common source of breaches analyzed in the report was attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in an organization’s Internet facing [...]

No Phishing

Don’t take the bait!

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal confidential information or money. Cybercriminals can use social engineering tactics such as spear phishing by installing malicious software on your computer by stealing personal information.  They manipulate you to install malicious software or give your credentials under false [...]