Mobile phishing attacks

A report from mobile security company Wandera, reveals a rising threat, phishing on mobile devices. According to report, 81 % mobile phishing attacks were initiated outside of email, 63% happen on iOS devices, and 12 % of all mobile security incidents involve phishing URLs. 1 2 Known phishing URLs are [...]

Phishing Security

A critical component of cybersecurity: Phishing security

Phishing security comprises the measures like people, processes and technologies that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from phishing attacks.  Strong phishing security measures reduce the risk of phishing attacks and protect organisations and individuals from the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. According to  IBM [...]

Phishing Protection

How to protect yourself from phishing

Phishing protection: Phishing attacks have been a widespread problem, posing a huge risk to individuals and institutions. According to Garner, According to Gartner, phishing emails will continue to be the primary method used by advanced attacks. What is a phishing attack? it’s an attack vector that cybercriminals use it [...]

Phishing awareness

Phishing awareness: 5 tips to help you understand phishing emails

Phishing awareness: Use Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator for free to avoid social engineering schemes. What is phishing? Phishing is an endeavour that aim at manipulating you into thinking a legitimate organization is demanding information from you. These demands can seem safe on the surface or may seem to come from a [...]

Cryptocurrency crypto phishing

Crypto phishing ways – how to lose your cryptocurrencies to phishing attacks

The price of a single bitcoin became more valuable as opposed to past years. However, unlike the other assets, cryptocurrencies are surprisingly easy to steal. They’re also not always easy to protect. There is not an institution that will provide a layer of protection for cryptocurrencies against crypto phishing as well [...]

Email Security

Emails are still the weakest link in security chain

According to F-Secure, over one-third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees. Emails are still the weakest link in security chain Type of Attacks The single most common source of breaches analyzed in the report was attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in an organization’s Internet facing [...]


The internet of things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) The internet of things (IoT) which has grown and been spreading in recent years, has added many innovations to our daily life. From the automotive sector to the white goods sector, from airplanes to various computer systems, the IoT continues to enter our lives every [...]

Anti phishing solutions cyber security

Free security training

Free security training A cyber attack can cause devastating outcome especially for businesses today.  More than 90 % system breaches have been caused by a phishing attacks. For this reason, training employees on cyber security best practices have become a necessity However, organizations lack sufficient resources to provide even basic cyber [...]

Anti phishing solutions

Anti-phishing solutions

Anti-phishing solutions Cybersecurity issues are certainly a problem for many institutions. However, this represents an opportunity for cybersecurity companies. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity has become a critical part of owning and operating a business – especially one that operates online. It is in the best interests of Keepnet Labs Anti-phishing [...]