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What Are Insider Threats and How Can You Mitigate Them?

An insider threat is a security threat that arises from inside an organization which generally includes a current or former worker or partner who has the ability to obtain to sensitive information within the organization, and abuses this role. Today, most of the security actions serve for external threats [...]

Keepnet Labs Sponsored to IDC Security 2018 Istanbul

Keepnet Labs sponsored to IDC security 2018 Istanbul

Keepnet Labs Sponsored to IDC Security 2018 Istanbul.   Keepnet Labs, as anti phishing solution and cyber security awareness platform, attended to IDC Security 2018 Istanbul to make an exhibition to the network of cyber security companies, to catch new business opportunities, and to expand its the customer network within the globe. About [...]

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Spring Digital Cleaning List

Try our market-leading anti phishing solutions for free. Spring digital cleaning list Week 1. Clean Your All Devices Make Sure All Your Connected Devices Are Clean Update all the software on your connected devices to minimize the risks of malware and viruses Clean your mobile devices by deleting apps you do not use, and [...]