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Cybersecurity awareness training video series

Cybersecurity awareness training video series

According to a study by SANS, 95% of all attacks on enterprise systems are the result of successful spear phishing attacks. Phishing attacks continuing to be one of the common tools among cyber-criminals and has devastating consequences, and it not enough to fight with it with technical security measures alone.  Therefore it is important to adopt user awareness programs to enhance users’ anti-phishing capabilities and turn them into valuable active cybersecurity defence assets.

Studies have revealed that the use of short videos allows a more efficient processing and memory recall. Due to the nature of video which is highly visual, many learners engage in the topic more than the other training formats. The visual and auditory features enhance the learning environment for an effective learning process since the spoken word helps learners understand the materials more. Therefore, it is important to generate high-quality learning videos, online course offerings that will meet individual’s needs.

To help your organization combat social engineers, we have innovative videos combines cybersecurity essentials created by Getzem-secure. The videos teach employees about cybersecurity awareness including phishing and social engineering threats through animated stories that accelerate users’ understanding of these attacks.

In cybersecurity awareness training video series, we have 12 videos in different titles and contents are updated regularly.

  • Risks:  A animated video to understand online threats.
  • Social Engineering:  Protecting information against online fraud. A story about the social engineering attack.
  • Phishing:  This video tells the story of phishing attack.
  • Web Browsing: This video describes how to surf the internet safely.
  • Social Media:  Animation on the safe use of social media accounts.
  • Lost Smartphones and Tables: This video tells what to do when losing smartphones and tablets
  • Password: Animation on the emphasis on password security.
  • Open Networks: This video tells the safe usage of open  WiFi networks.
  • Professional Tools:  Animated video on the usage of professional tools.
  • Flash Drives: Good habits of using flash drives.  
  • Clean Desk:  This video about physical security and clean table policy at institutions.
  • Travel  Easy: An animated video on safe travelling.

Our Cybersecurity awareness training video contents are presented to users in many different languages including French, English, Japanese, Russian and Turkish. See the video samples below.


Yes indeed, cyber threats are very real! The hackers are looking for vulnerabilities 24/7 while we’re trying to get our work done.

Social Engineering

A piece of seemingly trivial information may be the last piece of the puzzle hackers need to execute an attack! Social engineering is a real threat.


Are you having a hard time convincing your people that phishing is a real threat to your organization? This smart and funny awareness video should do the trick!

Web Browsing

Your people can single-handedly compromise the entire corporate network by ignoring web browsing best practices.

Social Media

Your people keep posting tweets and sharing sensitive information about your organization? It’s time to approach cyber awareness training differently.

Lost Smartphones and Tablets

If you lose your smartphone or your tablet, you know every second count! Gotta protect the sensitive information it connects to!


Are your employees still complaining about password best practices? They may not be realizing how quickly hackers crack common passwords.

Open Networks & Computer Privacy

No doubt you know that free wifi and confidentiality just don’t go together. Are all the employees in your organization just as CyberAware?

Professional Tools

Do you protect your professional devices? Professional tools are highly personal. Never lend your professional computer to anyone.


Easy and Safe travelling! Do you know how to protect your devices while travelling? Protect the sensitive information while travelling.


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