Petya ransomware assault

With the #Wannacry attacks last month,  in many countries important sectors such as health, finance and energy suffered great losses. [1] As it has been predicted in our previous writing titled as “New Risks in Corporate Firms towards WannaCry Attacks” that “if the self-renewed subsequent version attacks are not [...]

Free phishing test

The ransomware risks in office files

Free phishing test: Keep your employees aware of the Ransomware threats Ransomware has become a nightmare for individuals and institutions for the last 2 years, previously found in September of 2013.  It is a dangerous kind of trojan horse in the ransom category. Initially bound to Microsoft Windows operating systems, [...]

anti-phishing solutions

10 email security risks you need to defend against in 2017

Anti-phishing solutions: Use our threat simulation and conduct an email security gap analysis. Today more and more email security risks are developing with alarming speed. Spear-phishing, whale phishing, ransomware and other malware attacks have become a great risk for many organizations. Therefore, big or small businesses must find ways to [...]

Threat Simulation

Email security: 7 biggest threats

Email security is one of the most important step that you should stop attackers to compromise your company! For effective email security protection, companies must be aware of the 7 biggest threats to avoid cyber attacks. In order to avoid these threats, and guarantee email security, learn these 7 threats: [...]

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Keepnet Labs phishing reporter

It is a phishing reporter button on Microsoft Outlook’s menu bar that allows the user to turn it into action when they receive a suspicious mail. This provides SOC teams the ability to detect attacks early, mitigate impact, and block user-based attacks against malicious e-mail. Direct benefit to email user; Employees report aggressive attacks with [...]