Incident Responder

Even with the best technologies in place, it’s important to prepare for malware that slips through your traditional security systems and reaches your inbox.

Our Phishing Simulator and Awareness Educator modules minimize your employees’ susceptibility, and our Email Threat Simulator module proactively reduces the volume of inbox events.

Our Incident Responder module is designed to catch the rest!

The Incident Responder module allows users to report suspicious emails with one click, sending an email’s content to us for header, body and attachment analysis.

According to the malware result, Incident Responder creates a variety of attack signatures for alarm generation or blocking active security devices.

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One-Click Reporting

The user experience with Incident Responder is very simple. A single click is required to report a suspicious email via an Outlook or browser plugin.

Integrated Licensing

Our Incident Responder module is integrated with Virustotal, Zemana Anti-Malware, Trapmine and Roksit DNS Firewall  — with licenses for these products bundled saving you thousands.

Active Response

You can search and detect which users the suspicious email belongs to, and take preventive measures with just one click.

Header & Body Analysis

Emails sent to the Incident Responder are thoroughly analysed. First, the header is checked for anomaly detection and spam control with integrated anti-spam services. Then, the message body is checked for URL reputation control, malicious content detection and detecting suspicious content with artificial intelligence.

Attachment Analysis

Any attachments are checked against known malware control with Antivirus services; unknown malware is detected with anti-malware sandbox technology and 0-day file format exploits are detected with anti-exploit technology.

3rd Party Services

If you have any threat analyse service like Fireeye, Bluecoat, Palo Alto, we can integrate them to autotomise this analysis

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