Macro Analysis
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Test your email security protection mechanism

As new technologies grow, businesses across multiple sectors are facing to rapidly evolving cyber-threats. Therefore, it is important to make a macro analysis to see cybersecurity measures in place for protecting business data,  money as well as customers against cyber attacks.  These precautions specifically determined to prevent threats coming from sources such as:

  • Online threats: spyware or malware
  • User-based threats: unknowing  users
  • System vulnerabilities

Keepnet Labs make security checks in macro analysis level to determine vulnerabilities in your enterprise.

Review your security policies

It is important to stay updated and informed on the latest types of cyber-attacks such as phishing scams, ransomware and fake websites. Moreover, it is a common problem that uninformed employees use the same password for all their different accounts which doubles the size of the danger. Thus, it is important to inform your employees in how to recognise cyber threats, and about having a strong and unique password for each account. Keepnet Labs analyses and reviews your security policy by answering such questions

  • Are security policies enough?
  • Where are the errors in security policies?
  • What is the general situation of security policies?

Macro Analysis

Keepnet Labs conduct an overall security check with macro-level analysis to reveal the situation of your enterprise against cyber threats.

It reviews the technological factors whether they are enough to prevent cyber threats. Keepnet Labs does this by using email threat simulator:  It tests your border protection systems with next generation phishing and exploitation techniques and helps you strengthen your security configurations, such as Firewall, AntiSpam, Anti-Virus, and Security Information & Event Management.

One click enough to start threat simulation

No installation, no configuration or permission needed!

It reviews cultural forces of enterprise by launching phishing simulations to see users’ e-mail habits and  reveal any elements of the behaviour or process that will be harmful to company.  Also, it execute exams to see overall knowledge of all employees of the enterprise on cyber attacks and how to avoid them.

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Macro analysis is important that  have a significant impact on the success of determining vulnerability on macro level, and therefore the vulnerabilities must be considered in-depth during the cyber security providing process.

Use Keepnet Labs for free to evaluate your organisations’ security condition and take the necessary precautions.


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