Phishing awareness email template
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Create awareness among employees by using different email templates

Phishing awareness email template

Email is an important part our everyday communication. It has been in every part of our personal and business life. Therefore it has also become one of the most common tools that cybercriminal use to attempt to seize sensitive data.

Today, more than 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack. Social engineers use manipulative phishing email messages which impersonate a legitimate person or an institution to trick the recipient into clicking on the fake links to steal sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers etc.

Social engineers may attempt to steal cash and payment card data or gain control of computer system or local network. Furthermore, they can try to gain access to different online accounts to take advantage of a user. They can infect your computer system or its components with harmful software by merely manipulating user  to click on fake links to fake Web sites that affect computer system with harmful software

Prevent phishing by using different email templates

Keepnet Labs has many different Phishing awareness email templates to get users ready against different schemes of phishing attacks. Use email templates to educate your employees for free.

Phishing awareness email template Management

Selection and preparation of scenarios to be used in the phishing attack can be made İn Keppnet Labs awareness and anti phishing platform. The scenario samples in the system is accessible from Phishing Scenarios tab.

Phishing awareness email templateTemplate List

In the template list, with buttons under Action column, various operations might be carried out related to the template.

It is also possible to edit  the existing templates. After the changes, it can be saved with the save button.

Phishing awareness email template Edit

Preview of a fake page

Adding a New Template

Template components are made up from email samples with .eml extension. In order to turn an email into a template, it must be saved as .eml file format.

An example of creating a template is demonstrated below.

Note: It depends which email client will be used, options for email clients must be checked.

Original  e-mail

Register and use Keepnet Labs Phishing awareness email template for free. 


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