Phishing awareness training
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Phishing awareness training

Phishing awareness training

Creating awareness among employees against phishing attacks and its consequences is the key to an organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Phishing emails remain a primary weapon of the cybercriminals. They use techniques that are continually evolving, focusing on human the tendency to make mistakes or gain financial profit.

Today, 90% of all successful cyber-attacks have succeeded due to human error. Therefore,  employees must know the signs of phishing schemes in emails or the other communication tools and organisations need continual awareness education to provide employees with the right knowledge and understanding of different threats of social engineering attacks.Phishing awareness training

Whether a trainee, employee or CEO,  phishing attacks can happen to anyone. An email can be a great danger that manipulates the user to click on a malicious link or to give away crucial information.

Nevertheless, with regular cybersecurity awareness training, it’s easier to identify the fake emails or different social engineering attack techniques.  Keepnet Labs phishing awareness training will help users to make better decisions and circumvent phishing threats or other social engineering attacks. When phishing awareness training is combined with phishing simulator, employees will counter the real-life scenarios and recognise and respond to fake emails more quickly.

The best way to prevent phishing threats is to train employees against the typical tactics used by the social engineering. Keepnet Labs help people identify the ways that cybercriminals attempt to steal sensitive data by offering free training on phishing awareness.

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