Securing mobile devices

Phishing protection

Securing mobile devices

Today, mobile devices (smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets) are always available to you everywhere you go and are used for business, travel entertainment, or for different purposes. These devices allow you to easily connect to the world around you. However, mobile phishing has been a trending method for cybercriminals who seek financial gains. Therefore, your phishing protection mechanisms should also include mobile devices which contain important data; within these devices, you carry much information such as people, photos, videos, locations, health and financial data. In this context, it is very important to use your portable devices safely and avoid mobile phishing attacks.

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Protect Your Personal Information

Secure Your Devices: Use strong passwords while locking your devices or take advantage of your device’s touch identity features. In this way your device will stay away from prying eyes and your information will be preserved in situations such as lost or stolen.

  • Be careful about Applications
  • Think once again about who and how this information is collected through applications.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth must be disabled if not used.

Some stores and various places watch with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in their coverage area. WiFi and Bluetooth must be disabled if not used.

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Be Informed About WiFi Points

Public wireless networks and mobile data sharing points are not secure. A malicious person connected to them can see what you are doing potentially in your mobile device. In this context, limit what you want to do on public open WiFi networks, especially avoid accessing important accounts such as email and financial services. If necessary, you should use a virtual private network (VPN) or personal/mobile hotspot for phishing protection.

Your machine should be clean

Keep Your Mobile Devices and Applications Up-to-Date to avoid mobile phishing. Your mobile devices are as vulnerable as your PCs or laptops. One of the best defences against viruses, malware and other online threats is the latest security software, web browsers and operating systems.

Delete When Your Work is Over

We reduce most of our applications to specific goals such as “vacation planning” and then we do not need these applications. There may also be a lot of applications that are needed in the future and not used at the moment. For this reason, for phishing protection, it is a good security measure to delete all applications that you do not use.

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