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Keepnet Labs phishing reporter

It is a phishing reporter button on Microsoft Outlook’s menu bar that allows the user to turn it into action when they receive a suspicious mail. This provides SOC teams the ability to detect attacks early, mitigate impact, and block user-based attacks against malicious e-mail.

Direct benefit to email user;

  • Employees report aggressive attacks with a single click.
  • Early “Phishing” warnings are taken from users and a “sensor” network is created.
  • The user is notified of this correct action when the user clicks the “Report Phishing” (1) button in a simulated Phishing security test.
  • It allows the user to send a suspicious e-mail to analysis services and get a risk score.
  • Institution’s security culture strengthens.
  • Employees receive immediate feedback that enhances their training.

Benefits to the security operation center (SOC)

  • Unwanted e-mails can be deleted from the user’s e-mail box with information received from the command center.
  • It reports which e-mail message is in an e-mail box of users.
  • If the existing security measures are inadequate for analysis, detection and prevention, it gives the occasion to benefit from Keepnet’s phishing analysis service.
  • It provides more effective security measures with integration with third party systems (siem, firewall etc.)

Using Keepnet’s Phishing Reporter Plug-in

Once you have logged in to the Keepnet Labs management interface, the Outlook Add-in menu helps you to prepare custom plugins.

Suspicious email reporter

Installation Documents for Administrators

It is very easy to spread the Keepnet plug-in with the central installation tools in corporate networks.

To run phishing reporter add-in, make sure you have all pre-requisites of Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

For installation instructions and sample installation videos, you can follow this address,

Sample Use

  1. The user clicks on the “Phishing Reporting” button to report the suspicious e-mail, and asks if he wishes to delete the original e-mail

    Picture 2. Sample Use of the Phishing Reporter2. The user is informed of this conscious behavior.

Picture 3. Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter Outlook Plugin [1] 

It is a way of proactively involving users to protect institution’s security, where suspicious e-mails are reported by employees. In this way, a culture of awareness constantly evolves against phishing attacks. This service also provides an easy way for end users to report to their IT department and statistical follow up.

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