Phishing test software

Phishing Software
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Phishing test software

Phishing test software

No matter how secure your network, or computers system and softwares, the weakest link in security posture,  people element can be exploited. Via phishing techniques, the most common social engineering techniques used in cyber attacks, it is easy to impersonate people acquainted, and get the information needed. Thus, traditional security solutions are not enough  to reduce these attacks. Through simulated phishing platforms that send fake emails to test users, and to line employees interact with the email.

Fake phishing emails are effective  to see vulnerability and built mechanisms to  businesses to fight against attack vectors, such as  spear phishing attacks.

Fake email phishing simulations

Fake email/phishing example used in Keepnet Labs Phishing Simulator

Run a free phishing test now and find out what your organization's human vulnerability level is.

Keepnet Labs phishing test software, phishing simulator, is a cost-effective and influential way of executing simulated phishing test and fake attacks. Keepnet Labs phishing simulator can evaluate the employees interaction with emails and enables to see overall security posture.

Keepnet Labs phishing simulator has many convincing system and custom phishing templates built by security experts.  It also offers a variety of resources, including a phishing education page that companies can use in conjunction with their phishing simulations.

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