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Keepnet phishing simulator is an excellent tool for fighting against phishing attacks

Keepnet Phishing Simulation is an excellent part of  security awareness training program, especially fighting against phishing attacks. It is easy to deliver simulated phishing emails and customizable phishing templates to test  employees. It is possible to administer pre configured or customized phishing attack templates.

Keepnet Labs phishing reporting option equips you to address your employees, to see their vulnerability and interaction with emails. Moreover, by allowing users to report suspicious phishing emails with a single click, turning them into proactive agents to identify and avoid phishing emails, it is possible to reduce organizational risk.

Keepnet Labs safely simulates sophisticated phishing attacks within your domain to test your employees and train them.

Easily reporting and analysis of phishing emails with incident responder module,  Keepnet Labs  empowers your employees to report suspicious phishing emails with a single click.

Keepnet Phishing Simulation

Keepnet Labs Phishing Simulation

As a comprehensive anti phishing and cyber security awareness platform,by teaching employees how to recognize and react to phishing emails,  Keepnet Labs tests your employees with simulated phishing attacks.  Keepnet Labs awareness educator and phishing simulator also demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and progress of training content. Keepnet Labs delivers a complete solution to test, evaluate and and get into right action such as training weakest employees, to deal with phishing attacks.

Run a free phishing test now and find out what your organization's human vulnerability level is.

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