Privacy important for your business

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Privacy important for your business

Protect personal data

Personal information is important both for your organization and for your customers. You must implement the following actions in your own institution to create a cult of respect for privacy, protection and safety.

Protect personal data. Take reasonable security precautions to protect the personal information of individuals against improper and unauthorized access.

Be clear and decent for collection, usage and sharing of personal information. The tools provided to the user to manage privacy practices and data should be clearly disclosed to the customer.

information security, cybersecurity

Do not only focus on your privacy settings while you are training your customers on data applications. Make it clear to your public what your privacy implies for your institution, and often emphasize it. Talk about what steps have been taken to achieve and maintain your privacy.

Create a privacy culture in your institution. Train your employees (a) about privacy and security, and (b) about their role for protecting their colleagues and their customers’ personal information.

Preserve the support of partners and suppliers by carrying out confidentiality with care. You and your company are responsible for how personal information is used and collected.

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