Privacy in wireless networks

Anti phishing solution

Privacy in wireless networks

anti phishing solution

Privacy in Wireless Networks

For many internet users, it is useful to use libraries and public computers in different places. The devices in these public places carry a great source of quality. However, when using these devices it is important to keep in mind the correct online security habits. It is first necessary to consider the consequences of online actions by taking security precautions. Afterwards, the convenience of this technology can be enjoyed with peace of mind. anti phishing solution

Disable remember me function. If you are using a shared computer, make sure that the “remember me” function is not enabled.

Delete browsing history. When you stop using a public computer, delete your cookies and browser history. You can also choose additional software to do this. anti phishing solution

Close Your Session. Anyone can easily access public computers; In this context, you do not want your personal information and your accounts to be easily accessible to others. When you are finished using the public switched-on device, exit by closing your open sessions and then closing all browser tabs.

Use secure websites. When you enter your personal information, make sure that the security of the website is activated. Use web addresses that begin with “https: //”. This is because the sites that start this way are taking additional precautions to make your information safe. Web addresses that begin with “http: //” are not considered secure as they convey your information clearly. anti phishing solution

Be Informed about Public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is not secure. Any attacker can see what you can do while connected to this network. In such environments, limit business types that contain sensitive information such as credit card, password, customer data.

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