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1- UK electricity grid hit by cyberattack

According to a report by Information Age,  a company operating a key element of the United Kingdom’s electricity grid infrastructure has been hit by a cyberattack, with its employees locked out of their emails and from the company’s network.

Elexon is one of the UK electricity system’s administrators, monitoring the amount of electricity generated by the energy companies and matching this with what the National Grid expects to receive.  See more

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2- Number of Sri Lankan websites come under a cyber attack

According to Newsfirst, Several Sri Lankan websites including at least two government and several private sector institutions were hacked by an internationally based organisation, last night targeting the National War Heroes Day.

A total of 5 websites were compromised, according to Ravindu Meegasmulla – Cyber Security Engineer at Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT). See more

3- Interserve hit by cyber attack as hackers target hospital construction firms

According to Cityam, outsourcing group Interserve has been left reeling from a cyber attack earlier this month as criminals target construction firms involved in the UK’s coronavirus response.

Hackers broke into an HR database and stole details of current and former employees, the Telegraph reported, citing a company insider. See more

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4- Anglo-Eastern suffers ransomware attack

According to Splash, Anglo-Eastern, one of the world’s largest shipmanagers, has become the latest big name to suffer a cyber attack. The companVs website remained down today as the Hong Kong-headquartered manager, with more than 600 ships on its books, moved to get its IT systems back in place, just one month after moving office (pictured) to new premises in Kowloon. Splash understands the company was hit by a ransomware attack, which was quickly contained with no data lost. See more

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