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Cybersecurity phishing awareness training 41 – WEEKLY CYBERSECURITY BRIEFING NO: 121

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1- Minneapolis city systems temporarily brought down by cyberattack

City government systems in Minneapolis were temporarily brought down by a cyberattack early Thursday at the same time the city was grappling with raging protests over the police killing of George Floyd. Systems were temporarily shut down by a (DoS) attack . See more

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2- PonyFinal Ransomware Targets Enterprise Servers Then Bides Its Time

Microsoft has warned on a new breed of patient ransomware attacks that lurk in networks for weeks before striking. A Java-based ransomware known as PonyFinal has galloped onto the scene, targeting enterprise systems management servers as an initial infection vector. See more

3- Office 365 Credentials Targeted by Fake Supreme Court Phishing Attacks

Malicious actors leveraged phishing emails designed to look like they originated from the Supreme Court in order to steal victims’ Office 365 credentials.

Armorblox detected a phishing campaign that attempted to steal victims’ Office 365 credentials by masquerading as a subpoena from the Supreme Court.  See more

4- Iran cyberattack on Israel’s water supply

Report: Iranian Cyberattack Aimed to Poison Israelis by Upping Water Chlorine Levels

According to the Financial Times the cyberattack could have triggered fail-safes that would have left tens of thousands of civilians parched in the middle of a heatwave.  See more

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Cybersecurity phishing awareness training  41 – Test your employee’s phishing awareness level for free.