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1- The REvil Ransomware attack: Hackers seek $7.5 million ransom

The REvil (Sodinokibi) hacking group has hijacked data files belonging to two large food distributors in a ransomware attack that reportedly exposed sensitive information of at least three megamarket food chains.

Its latest victims are Harvest Food Distributors, a San Diego, California-based operation sporting a national network and its parent company, Detroit, Michigan-headquartered Sherwood Food Distributors. The two companies supply megamarket chains Kroger, Albertsons, Sprouts and others. The attackers have demanded $7.5 million in ransom payments.  See more

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2- Texas Takes Second Ransomware Hit

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has been hit by ransomware just days after the state’s judiciary system suffered the same fate.

According to a May 15 message posted on Twitter by TxDOT, the attack struck on May 14, when a threat actor gained unauthorized access to the department’s computer network.

The network was shut down as soon as the attack was detected in an effort to contain the threat and prevent any further unauthorized access.

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3- Government supplier Interserve hit by cyber attacks

As criminals target construction firms involved in the UK’s coronavirus response, outsourcing firm Interserve has been hit by a cyber-attack. Experts warn that outsourcers working extensively with the public sector are likely to be targeted by hackers more than ever, as they seek to exploit the chaos of the Covid-19 crisis. See more

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4- EasyJet consumer data breached in cyber attack

Cybersecurity is a big concern for consumers in the current pandemic. As fraudsters take advantage of anxious citizens, EasyJet is the latest company to have come under attack from hackers. The company has reported that its database has been accessed by a “highly sophisticated” cyber attack, compromising the personal data of an estimated 9 million customers. See more

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