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1- Gelderland Security Region Hit in a Ransomware 

According to Nltimes.nl, Veiligheidsregio Noord- en Oost-Gelderland (VNOG) was infected by ransomware over the weekend. The attack left the internal systems damaged. Some functionality is limited or not working at all. But the notification systems like P2000 and C2000, with which the security services communicate, are unaffected. “Safety is not at stake,” the VNOG said, NOS reports.

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2- U.S. Court in a ransomware attack

According to Digital Journal, A U.S. criminal court has been hit by ransomware, striking at the heart of the administrative infrastructure. This led to Fourth District Court of Louisiana’s website being breached and documents being published online.

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3- Data breach at dating and e-commerce websites

According to Infotechlead, Personal details of hundreds of thousands of users on over 70 adult dating and some e-commerce websites have been exposed online, security researchers at vpnMentor said on Sunday.

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4- TrickBot Malware on Linux Users

According to CHBNews, TrickBot Malware is no longer Windows Exclusive! TrickBot is porting to Linux. The designers of the TrickBot have re-equipped their malware with new functionality. Linux Devices could now leave traces through its new DNS command and Control tool Anchor_DNS.

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Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Make sure to keep browser plug-ins (Flash, Java, etc.) up-to-date!

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