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1- Zero-Hour Phishing Attack on Google’s App Engine Targeting Office 365

An active attack on Google’s App Engine service via Appspot.com designed to steal Office 365 user credentials. The subpages are indistinguishable from an authentic login, and because the phish is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, it cannot be blacklisted. In its first 36 hours, the attacker has created 20,000 subpages, a threat too fast for human forensics to stop.

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2- NetGalley Data Breach

A website that gives book reviewers pre-release access to new titles – has warned users about a data breach that may have exposed their passwords and other personal data.

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3- Massive data breach may have been discovered due to ‘unforced error’

US officials and private sector experts investigating the massive data breach that has rocked Washington increasingly believe the attackers were ultimately discovered because they took a more aggressive “calculated risk” that led to a possible “unforced error” as they tried to expand their access within the network they had penetrated months earlier without detection, according to a US official and two sources familiar with the situation.

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WEEKLY CYBERSECURITY NEWSLETTER NO: 149 – Free Phishing simulator – Free phishing URL  generator

4-Data breach hits 30,000 signed up to workplace pensions provider

Reports are emerging that hardware wallet provider Ledger has suffered another data breach involving the leaking of more customer information on public forums. A user on crypto Twitter going by the handle ‘Jimmy McShill’ [@JimmyMcShill] posted screenshots of files that have been uploaded to forums purportedly contacting the ‘full database’ of Ledger customer’s emails, phone numbers, and addresses

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WEEKLY CYBERSECURITY NEWSLETTER NO: 149 – Free Phishing simulator – Free phishing URL generator

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WEEKLY CYBERSECURITY NEWSLETTER NO: 149 – Free Phishing simulator – Free phishing URL generator – Free phishing risk test 

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