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Best Incident Response Use Cases

Best Incident Response Use Cases – Incident response is a well-organized approach used by an organization’s IT departments to combat and manage a cyber attack or security breach. The purpose of using incident response is to limit the damage and reduce the incident’s costs and recovery time. The people [...]

What Is Incident Response

What is incident response – 6 Key Steps for an Effective Incident Response Plan and Why You Need Incident Response Plan

What is Incident Response ? – Incident response is a term used to describe an organization’s process to handle a data breach or cyber attack. It also attempts to manage the consequences of the “incident’’ Eventually, it aims to manage the incident most effectively in order to minimize its [...]

Malware attacks have increased

Malware Attacks Have Increased 8 Times in the Last 10 Years

Malware attacks have increased 8 times in the last 10 years. Applications and devices must have machine IDs to securely communicate with each other upon authentication. However, whether it is a Kubernetes application or a serverless function in the cloud, machines prefer to use encryption keys and digital certificates used [...]

Taidoor RAT malware

New Chinese Malware – Taidoor

US government agencies say Taidoor malware has been around since 2008 and is a remote access Trojan (RAT) type of malware. 1. What is a RAT? (Remote Access Trojan)  It is a type of malware that causes hackers to have remote access to the device of the target user and to take [...]