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Data Breach: covert redirect

Data breach: covert redirect

Covert Redirect is a security breach and occurs when cyber hackers use open routing. Open redirects are not successful in checking whether the redirected URL is a valid URL. Cybercriminals who use covert redirect take advantage of this weakness, open a fake login window, steal login information, and redirect [...]


Email services and their security issues

Without a doubt, emails have become one of the most important tools on the internet today, where they are being used in the formal/informal daily communications. The practicality of email also raised concerns about email security, because we see it in every part of our life. Email, which stands for ‘Electronic [...]

Cyber Safety Rules

Cyber safety rules

The problem is not technology; How technology is used. phishing training It can cause concern for how young people use internet-connected devices. For example, smart devices have cameras that are used to uncover and promote creativity, and some applications may have video chat or functions that allow live streaming. They [...]

Anti phishing solution

Privacy in wireless networks

anti phishing solution Privacy in Wireless Networks For many internet users, it is useful to use libraries and public computers in different places. The devices in these public places carry a great source of quality. However, when using these devices it is important to keep in mind the correct online security [...]

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Avoid Ransomware Attacks

As technology develops, the frequency of ransomware and other phishing attacks increase against internet users and institutions. It is important that digital citizens be alerted to digital hygiene, which is a fundamental part of the global world, and get protected against ransomware and other phishing attacks increase. Use our phishing software to [...]

Phishing protection

Securing mobile devices

Today, mobile devices (smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets) are always available to you everywhere you go and are used for business, travel entertainment, or for different purposes. These devices allow you to easily connect to the world around you. However, mobile phishing has been a trending method for cybercriminals who seek [...]


Petya ransomware assault

With the #Wannacry attacks last month,  in many countries important sectors such as health, finance and energy suffered great losses. [1] As it has been predicted in our previous writing titled as “New Risks in Corporate Firms towards WannaCry Attacks” that “if the self-renewed subsequent version attacks are not [...]

Free phishing test

The ransomware risks in office files

Free phishing test: Keep your employees aware of the Ransomware threats Ransomware has become a nightmare for individuals and institutions for the last 2 years, previously found in September of 2013.  It is a dangerous kind of trojan horse in the ransom category. Initially bound to Microsoft Windows operating systems, [...]