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phishing training for employees

Phishing training for employees

Phishing training for employees Is phishing your own employee a necessity ? The answer is yes.  Because phishing is one of the most successful ways cyber criminals access to companies’ passwords and other security credentials. Cyber criminal impersonate a legitimate person or entity, sends a fake email to manipulate employees [...]

Phishing Software

Phishing test software

Phishing test software No matter how secure your network, or computers system and softwares, the weakest link in security posture,  people element can be exploited. Via phishing techniques, the most common social engineering techniques used in cyber attacks, it is easy to impersonate people acquainted, and get the information needed. [...]

Data Breach: covert redirect

Data breach: covert redirect

Covert Redirect is a security breach and occurs when cyber hackers use open routing. Open redirects are not successful in checking whether the redirected URL is a valid URL. Cybercriminals who use covert redirect take advantage of this weakness, open a fake login window, steal login information, and redirect [...]


Keepnet Labs distinctive features

Keepnet Labs’ distinctive features and competitive advantage are its holistic and multi-layered security modules. None of the competitors provide the whole features Keepnet Labs presents. The second source of competitive advantage is cost-efficiency with Keepnet Labs’ being the sole player presenting a multi-faceted, reliable security solution at nominal cost. [...]

Phishing training

Cyber Safety Rules

Want to try Keepnets’ Phishing software for phishing training?  Cybercriminals are not only targeting big enterprises and they also attacking SMBs and specific individual using many attack vectors like Phishing, vishing, BEC, ransomware, crypto-jacking, SMS phishing.  Therefore, understanding and following effective rules of cyber safety will help you to protect [...]