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no phishing Keep Your Children Safe in Online Video Games

Keep the Children Safe in Online Video Games

It is normal for children to play video games with the people they don’t know. However, the growth of the gaming industry and cybercriminals’ interest on these platforms bring security problems. So, keeping the children safe in online video games has become a problem. no phishing According to Data Breach Industry [...]

Phishing Protection

How to protect yourself from phishing

Phishing protection: Phishing attacks have been a widespread problem, posing a huge risk to individuals and institutions. According to Garner, According to Gartner, phishing emails will continue to be the primary method used by advanced attacks. What is a phishing attack? it’s an attack vector that cybercriminals use it [...]

anti-phishing solutions

10 email security risks you need to defend against in 2017

Anti-phishing solutions: Use our threat simulation and conduct an email security gap analysis. Today more and more email security risks are developing with alarming speed. Spear-phishing, whale phishing, ransomware and other malware attacks have become a great risk for many organizations. Therefore, big or small businesses must find ways to [...]