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No Phishing

Don’t take the bait!

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal confidential information or money. Cybercriminals can use social engineering tactics such as spear phishing by installing malicious software on your computer by stealing personal information.  They manipulate you to install malicious software or give your credentials under false [...]

Phishing awareness email template

Create awareness among employees by using different email templates

Phishing awareness email template Email is an important part our everyday communication. It has been in every part of our personal and business life. Therefore it has also become one of the most common tools that cybercriminal use to attempt to seize sensitive data. Today, more than 90% of data [...]

Anti phishing solutions cyber security

Free security training

Free security training A cyber attack can cause devastating outcome especially for businesses today.  More than 90 % system breaches have been caused by a phishing attacks. For this reason, training employees on cyber security best practices have become a necessity However, organizations lack sufficient resources to provide even basic cyber [...]

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Get cyber security awareness solution for free

Keepnet Labs: The easiest way to improve security awareness against phishing attacks!  Keepnet Labs is a phishing defense platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology in order to reduce breaches and data loss. Internet is full of bad actors who attempt to capture sensitive, “personally identifiable information” [...]

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Privacy important for your business

Protect personal data Personal information is important both for your organization and for your customers. You must implement the following actions in your own institution to create a cult of respect for privacy, protection and safety. Protect personal pata. Take reasonable security precautions to protect personal information of individuals against improper and [...]


Email security: 7 biggest threats

E-mail security is one of the most important step that you should stop attackers to compromise your company! For effective e-mail security protection, companies must be aware of the 7 biggest threats to avoid cyber attacks. In order to avoid these threats, and guarantee e-mail security, learn these 7 threats: [...]