Criminals Manipulate Victims by Impersonating Officers

vishing attacks mobile scam

Criminals Manipulate Victims by Impersonating Officers

Phishing attacks have a lot of forms that cybercriminals use to manipulate their target by imitating someone legitimate to frighten victims into assuming they must pay to get out of the problem. Voice phishing—or vishing—is also is a form of phishing attacks that cybercriminals use the same kind of scam over the phone. vishing attacks mobile scam

Keepnet Labs recently discovered a vishing case that the criminals call from a line appears to be from the legal entity, alleging they will issue a warrant out for victim’s arrest and he’ll go to jail unless the victim calls they back and verify 4 digits of his social security number.   These scammers spoof phone calls that seem like they legitimate, however,  a legitimate department will never call to demand social security number on the phone. vishing attacks mobile scam

Listen to the vishing scam.vishing attacks mobile scam

Tips On How To Protect yourself from Vishing

  • Be aware of mobile scams or vishing attacks. These kinds of scams can find you.
  • •You should be suspicious of phone calls when they ask personal information.
  • •If the caller seems legitimate, it doesn’t ensure the call is really legitimate.
  • If someone asks for information, then verify the caller whether he calls from the legitimate institution by searching online or calling the genuine company.vishing attacks mobile scam
  • Report vishing calls to the police. vishing attacks mobile scam

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