Why Keepnet Labs

Due inadequate security measures, organisations are facing an increased risk of phishing attacks and ransomware in the near future.

These attacks and lapses in data security create reputation loss, material damage and serious time loss for institutions. Thus, anti-phishing solutions have become one of the most important priorities for many institutions.

Spear Phishing has also become one of the most harmful attack types, which result in serious data breaches.

According to researchers, in 2017:

  • 95% of successful attacks on corporations are based on phishing emails!
  • 97% of people don’t notice a complicated phishing email
  • Only 3% of those who notice phishing emails inform management
  • Cybercrimes and data leakage are projected to cost organisations 2.1 trillion dollars in 2019

Our cybersecurity experience and anti-phishing solutions are based on our extensive experience in critical sectors, such as finance, energy, government agencies. We use this experience, together with hundreds of penetration tests, forensics and incident responses to anticipate and combat security risks.

Most institutions assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate cyber threats. In fact, people and processes are integral to a strong defensive posture.

Keepnet Labs is a phishing defence platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss and presents anti-phishing solutions.

Holistic Approach: People, Process and Technology

Individual members are the weakest link in your information security systems. It’s imperative to consider the human factor as one of the most important elements in cyber-security systems.

It executes phishing tests with different phishing scenarios and creates campaigns that will increase awareness.

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Combining cyber attack scenarios with real-life events, Awareness Educator provides lectures online environment with measurable training modules.

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It notifies suspicious emails directly to SOC or CSIRT team and Keepnet Labs’s Incident Responder module for automatic analysis and response.

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Establishing and maintaining information-security awareness through an ongoing security awareness program is vital to your organisations’ progress and success.

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The annual cyber security plan that Keepnet Labs collaboratively prepares and tracks  upon strategy of subscribed company. 

It allows to create user, group or company based development chart which includes phishing campaigns, exams and reported suspicious activity.

First-line-of-defence systems are more than plug and play system; you must update and reconfigure those systems against next-generation attack vectors and improve incident response capability.

Threat simulation is an effective way to find vulnerabilities within email solutions, acting as the first line of defence.

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It perceives cyber events to identify next events, recognise patterns and anomalies within them to detect threats.

Incident responder to automates analysis and response to phishing threats that bypass your email security technologies.

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Keepnet Labs uses threat simulation and threat intelligence to unleash real risks that affect users for the “first-line-of-defence technology”, which is against email-origin malware — especially phishing attacks — and allows them to take preventive action against threats.

When technology investments are inadequate to counteract cyber attacks, the human factor is considered the most effective means of security and data defence. With phishing simulation, online training and incident response features, Keepnet Labs transforms users into proactive agents who can actively identify and fight against cyber attacks.

Because cyber attacks are carried out with human intelligence, combating it with human intelligence is the most realistic solution.

Firms divided into dozens of departments generate difficulties, and the problems of integrating separate departments with one another lead to a delay in cyber attacks awareness and blocking.

It’s difficult for organisations to measure the real benefits of investing in human-based cybersecurity — and as long as there isn’t any damage — firms fall into an artificial sense of confidence.

Keepnet Labs fixes these issues with the “process solution”, which enables companies to their own security processes and execute them — as well as create real-time development charts, monitor compliance with standards and live this life cycle.