Free security training

Free security training
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Free security training

Free security training

A cyber attack can cause the devastating outcome, especially for businesses today.  More than 90 % system breaches have been caused by a phishing attack. For this reason, training employees on cybersecurity best practices have become a necessity. Free security training

However, organizations lack sufficient resources to provide even basic cybersecurity training,  businesses who think they do not have valuable data for cyber attacks are not getting necessary training for cybersecurity, therefore vulnerable to cyber attacks. Today more than 30 %  of people have never received any cyber training in their work. Therefore, Keepnet Labs, an anti-phishing awareness and defence platform, has launched free cybersecurity awareness training that small businesses can provide to their employees. Free security training

Keepnet Labs is based on the philosophy of ultimate cyber security, adopting three elements, people, process and technology to create cybersecurity awareness. The company is dedicated to continuously innovating and expanding its line of security products in order to meet the needs of a dynamic and rapidly growing networked population. The management’s vision for long-term sustainable growth incorporates the creation of a stimulating and creative corporate environment. Within such an environment, the members of Keepnet Labs’ talented team have the opportunity to continually enhance their individuality and creativity while contributing to the growth and long-term success of the company.

Keepnet Labs adopts three holistic element people, process, and technology. Free security training

  • In people element, we focus on “human” factor to make them cyber aware and proactive threat hunters.
  • With process element, we create an annual awareness plan, user KPI, and make cybersecurity part of their culture.  Free security training
  • Technology element prevents threats by testing e-mail services and its components.

Thus Keepnet Labs uses 5 platform modules to provide a market-leading, above mentioned holistic solution. The modules are Phishing Simulator, Awareness Educator, Email Threat Simulator, Threat Intelligence, Incident Responder.

Free security training. This module is developed to make certain that users have the right training modules that change their behaviour, as well as organizations, overcome cyber threats. Keepnet Labs focuses on making users ready to do the right thing at the right time with precision.

Free security training. Awareness educator modules are upgraded on a regular basis to make certain that best practices on cybersecurity awareness training are conducted. Below are some examples of contents.  Free security training

Gamified/Interactive Awareness Modules

  • Data Security & Data Destruction
  • Email, Phishing, & Messaging
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Password Security
  • Social Engineering Free security training
  • Social Networking

Awareness Training Modules

  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Cyber Safety
  • Phishing Attacks Free security training
  • Online Game Playing
  • Data Security & Data Destruction
  • Online Security
  • Bots And Botnet
  • Email Test Simulator (ETS)
  • Travelling Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Password Security
  • Physical Security
  • Network Security Free security training
  • Protecting Your Kids Online
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Networking
  • Wi-fi Security

Animated Videos

  • Mobile Device Security Free security training
  • Password Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Networking
  • Ransomware Attacks

Keepnet Labs education & test module; Free security training

  • Scores metrics for the users,
  • Display which trainings, and exams the user has completed and what is the success status.
  • Have department and company-specific report card
  • Display how many phishing campaigns have been assigned to the user and what is the success status.
  • Display the status of the user compared to the average of the company. Free security training

Key Differences of Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator

  • On-demand Cyber-security awareness training
  • Automated in response to a failed Phishing Simulation
  • Comprehensive training content covering all current threat
  • Different learning styles
  • Serious gaming integration Free security training
  • Granular reporting for total visibility
  • 24 html5 based interactive trainings
  • 2 exams for each training, 48~ total
  • 12 different animated videos
  • 2 posters for each training subject, 48~ posters total
  • 1 tip sheets for each training subject, 25~ tip sheets total
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • The social media plan for your organization within process management. Free security training


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