Key Difference

Key Difference

Keepnet Labs’ competitive advantage is its holistic and multi-layered security modules. None of the competitors provide the whole features Keepnet Labs presents. The second source of competitive advantage is cost-efficiency with Keepnet Labs’ being the sole player presenting a multi-faceted, reliable security solution at nominal cost. Keepnet Labs covers all features of its major competitors in the market.

Keepnet Labs is available as an on-premise solution as well as cloud based services.

This is a critical feature if your organisation prohibits sending data or personal information to the cloud. All activity is handled within your network infrastructure and Keepnet updates itself every 2 minutes to ensure it is always current to known threats.

Additionally, our on-premise version can integrate with your Active Directory to allow you to keep user lists, groups and departments up to date automatically. Active Directory integration also facilitates additional phishing campaign benefits such as cross checking submitted user passwords to phishing simulations against the active directory record on the fly.

With our on-premise version all activity on the Keepnet platform is automatically sent to your SIEM allowing you to track abuses there.

Most institutions assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate this threat, in fact people and processes are integral to a strong defensive posture. 

Keepnet: A Phishing defense platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology in order to reduce breaches and data loss.

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We develop and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing for phishing and malicious attachments that spread via email. Cyber criminals use attack methods such as social engineering rather than complicated hacking tools. Phishing is quite easy when compared to the other hacking tools, that is why uncountable new phishing websites multiply every day. Keepnet Labs AI helps identify and detect phishing attacks and the other malicious attachment early.  AI for data analysis is important for combating phishing when compared to classic anti-phishing approaches.

We use AI to detect  to domain names that imitate domain names of branding of an organisation. If you analyse a website with a logo of the bank you trust, you do not suspect anything at all. However, a quick glance to the address bar indicates that this is phishing web site.  Keepnet Labs identifies descriptive features used as indicators for a website to be either phishing or legitimate, such as URL structure, website body etc.

We use AI to develop a personalized training flow. With phishing simulation, training, suspicious email reporting and threat intelligence values, we recommend personalized/ specific awareness content.

Keepnet Labs allows to run phishing tests with different phishing scenarios and create campaigns that will increase awareness. It also tests the security systems and makes plans for necessary actions.

Any company can perform phishing simulations as an essential and valuable method to check employees’ security awareness and evaluate their ability against social engineering schemes.

Considering the fact that the spear phishing attacks rates are so high, it can be easily concluded that the human element is the weakest chain in cyber security. It is easy to simulate phishing attacks with many different scenarios to test employees’ security awareness and take actions according to results.  Keepnet Labs Phishing Simulator enables users to create custom groups for the targeted users to be tested. It is also possible to simulate spear phishing attacks and edit email content, sending it several recipients using a specified mail server.  Moreover, Keepnet Labs enables  measure and monitor attack risk of any company on a regular basis.

The main differences of Keepnet Phishing Simulator are;

  • It makes simulations of phishing attacks in a benign environment
  • It tracks user responses and reports
  • It quantifies vulnerability
  • It facilitates proactive response
  • It has customisable, scheduled and self service options.

This module is developed to make certain that users has the right training modules that changes their behavior as well as  organizations overcome cyber threats. Keepnet Labs focuses on making users ready to do right thing at the right time with precision.

Awareness educator modules  are upgraded on a regular basis to make certain that best practices on cybersecurity awareness training are conducted. Below are some examples of contents.  

What Keepnet lab has 

  • 24 html5 based interactive training
  • 2 exams for each training, 48~ total
  • 12 different animated videos
  • 2 posters for each training subject, 48~ posters total
  • 1 tip sheets for each training subject, 25~ tip sheets total
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Social media plan for your organization

Keepnet Labs education & test module;

  • Scores metrics for the users,
  • Display which trainings, and exams the user has completed and what is the success status.
  • Have department and company-specific report card
  • Display how many phishing campaigns have been assigned to the user and what is the success status.
  • Display the status of the user compared to the average of the company.

Key Differences of Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator

  • On-demand Cyber-security awareness training
  • Automated in response to a failed Phishing Simulation
  • Comprehensive training content covering all current threat
  • Different learning styles
  • Serious gaming integration
  • Granular reporting for total visibility

Unlike many others, Keepnet tests your border protection systems with next generation phishing and exploitation techniques and lets you harden your security configurations, such as Firewall, AntiSpam, Anti-Virus, and Security Information & Event Management.

  • Regularly tests your technological investments (such as firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus), using simulation logic to mimic the attack vectors targeting organisations like yours through your email services.
  • Techniques include email harvesting, domain squatting, vulnerability scanner, client side attacks, malicious attachments, ransomware samples, misconfiguration, browser exploits and file format exploits. Learn more.

Download Document: ETS-Email-Threat-Simulator.pdf (41 downloads)

The Incident Responder module allows user to report suspicious emails with one click, sending the email content to us for header, body and attachment analysis. According to the malware result, Incident Responder creates a variety of attack signatures for alarm generation or blocking active security devices.

  • Incident Responder module allows user to report suspicious emails with one click via our Outlook add-in,
  • Sends the email content to our suspicious email analyser for header, body and attachment analysis.
  • Creates a variety of attack signatures for alarm generation or blocking active security devices.
  • Integrated 3rd party service licenses – Virustotal, Zemana Anti-Malware, Trapmine and Roksit DNS Firewall, Carbon black, Fireeye, Splunk, Qradar, Arcsight and more …
  • Automated incident investigation on client inbox & active response

Download Document:  Keepnet-Labs-Incident-Responder.pdf (39 downloads)

This module tracks the dark side of the internet to detect any data leakage of companies. It helps to take early precautions and mitigate the risks.  Moreover, this module allows you to take action against the attacks and its effects early by learning sensitive data belonging to the company (e-mail address, password, domains similar to domain name, etc.) from leaked data and anonymous sources.

Keepnet Labs cyber threat intelligence brings analyzed and refined information about possible attacks that threaten an organization. The primary purpose of threat intelligence is to help organizations see the risks of the external threats. Cyber threat intelligence collects intelligence from a wide range of sources and evaluate and identify cyber threats specific to your organisation.

Including context, mechanisms, indicators of compromise, implications and actionable advice, about existing or emerging risks to assets, cyber threat intelligence is evidence-based information. It allows to make decisions and take action accordingly. Keepnet Labs cyber threat intelligence helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities in operations and prepare accordingly. Keepnet cyber threat intelligence conducts all-source analysis such as digital forensics, and identify, monitor, assess, and counter the all threats.

Keepnet Threat Intelligence module unique in the sense that it scans the web searching for signals and data that may represent a breach of your data security and therefore a threat to your business. The constant vigilance afforded to you by the Keepnet Threat Intelligence module shortens the time between potential data breach and defensive response reducing the opportunity for fraudulent activity.

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Gamification Module presents better learning experience.  The user can learn the subjects with fun during the game. Keepnet Gamification strategy with high levels of engagement will lead to an increase in awareness in cyber security and its application. Moreover,  it provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real-life situations and challenges in a safe environment.

Gamification Module presents  immediate feedback so that learners can know what they know or what they should know, which promotes better learner engagement.

Gamification Module triggers behavioral change. We combine scientific principles of repeated action to get the best of cyber security application.

Gamification module tracts progress of users, how they changed and proceed.  With this module, all progresses done automatically, and therefore it is easy for users to see how they advance. Moreover, gamification allows users to learn new things, and see how they are becoming easier and simpler as time goes on.

Keepnet Labs gamification module has a range of content styles to train users effectively including immersive serious games and apps to deliver educational content in an engaging style.

Keepnet Labs can help organizations prepare and defend against cyber threats with its process management system by assisting companies to improve organizational performance by analyzing, designing, implementing, monitoring, controlling and modifying operational business processes for cyber security.

Process management system provides managers to measure, respond and control operational processes and IT solutions, and when necessary to implement quick responses to cyber risks immediately as well as to train the risky users or departments according to report supplied by simulation and training modules.