Protect Your Business From The Life-Cycle of Email-based Attacks

Keepnet Labs delivers next-generation email security solutions that ensure a fast return on security investments and boost productivity.

Keepnet Labs is trusted by over 1,000 global businesses Including banks, airlines and insurance companies.


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    What is Provided for MSSPs?

    Alternative Environments

    On-premise and cloud-based email security solutions that minimize expenditures.

    Whitelabeling Capability

    White labelling the whole platform, using your own logo, and creating your own brand visibility.


    The multi-tenant feature allows you to cost-efficiently manage your customers and resellers and grow your business.

    Multi-layered Security Solutions

    Offering 6 different email security solutions including security awareness training options from best class vendors.

    Return of Investment (ROI)

    Speed up ROI using our flexible management platform.

    Absolute Control of Your Environment

    Having absolute control of your product and license environments.

    Advanced Reporting Option

    Default and customizable report templates allow you to use the services to meet client requirements.

    Alternative Pricing Models

    Pay-as-you go or monthly billing method to minimize your costs as you grow your revenue.

    Our MSSP program provides new services and revenue streams to security firms.

    We have been working with the MSSPs and providing a multi-layered email security solution that is managed from a single platform.

    Brochure on MSSPs Business Model

    Keepnet Labs’ business model for MSSPs helps business partners to deliver the next-generationon security solutons that ensure a fast return on security investments and boosting productivity.

    Whitepaper - MSSP Business Model

    See how the MSSPs could be a perfect model to fight against advanced threats and bring solutions today's security challenges organsations have been facing.

    Use Case for MSSPs

    See how Keepnet’s solutions provide a scalable and integrated platform that helps to manage all client email security operations and learn how Keepnet supports businesses to manage security operations against life- cycle-of email-based attacks through an efficient,
    automated process.

    Fully Automated Customer Onboarding

    Thanks to API integration, any CRM like Hubspot, Salesforce you can onboard or offboard your customer automatically.

    What are MSSPs saying about us?

    Thanks to white-labelling and seamless integration capability of Keepnet Labs, we managed to onboard 1000+ customers in 10 months, 5-8 customers a day! This helped us to interconnect with various products.

    MSSP 1 from the USA

    Keepnet’s complementary products helped us to provide multi-layered proactive solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Keepnet’s expertise and commitment ensured our success.

    MSSP 2 from the USA

    We rebranded Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator and provided this service under our brand. The multi-tenant feature allowed us to cost-efficiently manage our customers and resellers and grow our business.

    MSSP 1 from the UK